ux expanded reality webinar

UX & Expanded Reality

We invite you to participate this Wednesday 24th of June at 5:00PM (GMT-5) in our UX & Expanded Reality webinar. It will be broadcasted through Neurometrics Facebook Live.

We will be joined by Marta Sylvia del Río, Regional Director of UXPA Latam; Germán Martínez, Co-Founder of Lúcuma Labs; and Miguel Ángel Baeza, Director of User Experience at Wunderman Thompson Consulting to discuss the evolution of interfaces. Additionally, we will explore the future of user experience, the impact of new technologies in the industry and the implementation of usability testing.


  • Evolution of interfaces
  • The future of user experience

Target audience

This webinar is ideal for those interested in learning more about UX and the role of interfaces in the user experience.


Date: Wednesday 24 June
Time: 5 :00PM (GMT-5)
Broadcast: https://www.facebook.com/neurometricslab

For more information please contact us via email: comunicaciones@neurometrics.la

About us

We are a laboratory specialising in consumer experience analysis. In addition, we use biometric sensors and machine learning algorithms to understand as clearly and objectively as possible the interaction processes of the person in front of different stimuli, whether in an online or offline environment.

These technologies allow us to understand what drives consumer behaviour in order to redesign new services or digital platforms. We can help determine how to make a product more engaging, how to optimise processes, where people look, how often, how long and why. We also provide the expertise and tools to capture authentic behaviour to make critical decisions through the eyes of customers, audiences and partners.