Neurometrics U

With Neurometrics U we seek to promote research using bio and neurometric technologies in different sectors such as banking, retail, education, sport, health, among others.

Through this initiative we want to contribute to the development of the link between academia, business and the public sector. We facilitate access to and promote the use of new technologies such as eyetracking, facial coding and GSR (Galvanic Skin Response). 

These tools can be applied in a variety of areas of interest, including: consumer behaviour, shopper, user experience, learning processes, art theory and psychology. To this end, we provide workshops, webinars, guidance in the development of research projects, partnership in R&D&I projects and provide access to biometrics equipment.

Below is the scope of the services we offer according to the type of entity:

Neurometrics Research Neurometrics U
*Services that do not belong to the Premium agreement are offered free of charge.

Beyond applying bio- and neurometric technologies for research, we use them to study human behaviour in real, everyday situations. Our goal is to better understand the experience in real decision-making contexts. With Neurometrics U we aim to be a partner to contribute to innovation by analysing, learning and improving experience.

About us

We are a laboratory specialising in consumer experience analysis. We use biometric sensors and machine learning algorithms to understand as clearly and objectively as possible the interaction processes of the person in front of different stimuli, whether in an online or offline environment.

These technologies allow us to understand what drives consumer behaviour in order to redesign new services or digital platforms. We can help determine how to make a product more engaging, how to optimise processes, where people look, how often, how long and why. We provide the expertise and tools to capture authentic behaviour to make critical decisions through the eyes of customers, audiences and partners.

Write to us and let's find out what we can achieve together.

Vincenzo de Martis
Vincenzo de Martis

Project Leader