Customer Journey - Toys R Us Case

A few days ago I read that the operation of Toys r Us, a company that declared bankruptcy in 2017 and closed during 2018 its more than 800 shops in the United States and its nearly 700 shops globally; managed to save itself in Spain and Portugal thanks to the 360-degree turnaround that its new shareholders gave it by buying 60% of the company.

Toys r Us, in Spain and Portugal, is projecting to close 2019 with a positive profit after many years of losses. positive profit after many years of losses. But what did the brand in Spain do differently the brand in Spain to be able to reverse such a critical and difficult situation as it was facing? the one it was facing?

Lo describiría como entender el Customer Journey, escuchar a sus clientes, diseñar y articular su modelo de negocio y servicio en función de lo que el cliente espera y necesita.

In today's context, where omni-channel has become the new standard, where the customer wants to be in control and have the power to decide what is standard, where the customer wants to be in control and have the power to decide which channel they use according to the moment they are in; if we don't think about a real and integrated coexistence of the integrated coexistence of the On and Off worlds, the possibilities of sustaining the of sustaining yourself over time are null and void.

In this Omnichannel context, physical shops are not disappearing, but evolving. Incorporating into physical spaces the new expectations of a consumer who is in much more contact and interaction with the digital world, and converting their visit to the shop into an experience that goes beyond the transactional, is a fundamental aspect.

Customers today move between digital and physical at all times, and if companies do not adapt their channels to be relevant in each of these moments and according to the need, it will be difficult for them to remain relevant over time.


If we go back to the case of Toys r Us in Spain, some of the main changes that the new shareholders made were to design a new model of shop experientialIn addition to the products, there are also entertainment areas, birthday parties, workshops, interactive games for parents and children, etc. And, on the digital side, a renewal of its web platform, both in terms of design and usability, incorporating basic functionalities that they did not have before, such as allowing, for example, mobile shopping.

Customer Journey y Service Design, dos conceptos que apuntan a un entendimiento y desarrollo sistémico y articulado, donde todos los puntos de contacto, productos, servicios y procesos de una empresa apuntan a un solo objetivo, lograr la mejor experiencia del cliente.

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Freddy Linares
Freddy Linares