In 2017 we saw the opportunity to give another use to eye tracking and machine learning technology and apply it to health issues. In this sense, BRILAB was created.


BRILAB is a technological development project in the form of a web platform that analyses and records eye behaviour data for the pre-diagnosis of ASD. By combining eye-tracking data and Machine Learning algorithms, a pre-diagnosis is generated in a matter of minutes. The programme is aimed at children who pass a standardised test and can thus be referred to a specialist doctor in a timely manner.


This report is made up of a series of indicators that show the likelihood and scale on which each participant with ASD might be placed.


Figure 1 shows a scoreboard for the pre-diagnosis of ASD in an infant. The initial part shows the stimuli that were used and shown to the infant during the pilot test. With the data recorded and uploaded to the platform, the central part shows the online report on the pre-diagnosis according to the defined metrics and patterns. Finally, the infant's conditions are detailed based on the established parameters of ocular behaviour.

Qualified as a Technological Development Project - Law No.30309 according to Sub-Directorial Resolution N° 945-2019-CONCYTEC/SDCTT of 22 July 2019.

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Freddy Linares
Freddy Linares