10 innovative tools for e-commerce

In e-Commerce it is important to take into account various tools that help to optimise the performance of the website and increase the brand's conversion levels.

In the following lines, we share some of the newest tools that every e-commerce should consider in their portfolio.

Mixpanel Analytic

Mixpanel is a user behaviour analytics tool. It allows you to analyse data from customer actions, define key metrics and identify trends over time, measure the impact of new functionalities, among many other features.


An interesting variant for chatbots is VideoAsk, a tool that allows you to record a video of a few seconds addressed to users, who can respond by video, audio or text.


With Customer.io, e-commerce can collect information on user behaviour to personalise and automate messages and campaigns in real time.


It is a platform that facilitates the ordering, tracking, prioritisation and resolution of customer support tickets from different channels in one place.


Another very useful platform for customer service is Intercom, which has different tools for onboarding, support and reinsertion of customers. It is ideal for startups and growing businesses.


Zapier is a tool that allows you to automate actions by integrating different cloud applications. For example, automate the sending of emails from Mailchimp with each new registration in Google Forms.


This tool allows you to reinforce loyalty programmes by creating discount coupons, gift cards, referrals, credits, among others.


Segment is a powerful integration tool for an extensive catalogue of applications. It receives information from the e-commerce source and redirects it to different analytics, mailing, customer service and other tools to execute the corresponding actions.


Pixmap is a mobile image analysis tool that uses machine learning to obtain visual attention maps, very useful for the creation of attractive visual content for e-commerce and social media campaigns.


With Pricemap it is possible to observe the price evolution of a series of products on the market, comparing the price of your products with those of the main competitors.

There are a large number of tools available to boost e-commerce, the ideal is to find the most appropriate for the type of business and information you want to process to take commercial actions.

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Freddy Linares
Freddy Linares