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Mobile UX Radar: Supermarkets 2021

Accelerated by the pandemic, e-commerce is growing globally and a large part of e-commerce sales come from mobile commerce platforms. By 2025, m-commerce will account for 55.5% of e-commerce sales in Latin America, where Brazil and Mexico are currently the main players in the Latam market with 57.7% of the total.

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Social networks and the new election campaign

Digital channels are highly visual and require highly engaging content to capture the attention of the audience within the first few seconds of interaction. It is no longer enough just to be present on social media to reach more people, but due to the high competition among the millions of posts per day, your ability to reach more people is [...]

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Understanding the shopper through visual attention

In Peru, the shampoo industry is composed of many brands competing to increase their market share, among the main companies are Procter & Gamble, Unilever, and L'Oréal. Moreover, in the last five years, new brands and product collections dedicated to hair care have entered the Peruvian market, and have been [...]

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Los secretos de la visión: Eyetracking y comportamiento del consumidor

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Neurometrics Garage



Pixmap is an application that generates metrics and heat maps that simulate visual patterns of people when viewing an image.


SIUMER 2020: Beyond Customer Experience

The role of technology, psychology and neuroscience in the study of consumer behaviour.



BRILAB is a technological development project that analyses and records eye behaviour data for the pre-diagnosis of ASD.

Silicon Valley 2020

Silicon Valley

A complete programme focused on getting to know the ecosystem and the entrepreneurial dynamics of Silicon Valley.

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